Support Photostudio Shelter in Ukraine

Please help our photo friends in Ukraine put food on the table. They converted their fashion photostudio in Lwiw to a shelter for exhausted refugee families on their dangerous trip out of the Ukraine. Here is their information. I spoke to Tatiana from the Photostudio. They need 200 Euros per day to cover food, water and utilities. Lwiw is currently being targeted. Please help them so they don’t run out of food and water.

Katharina Bosse

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  • Paypal for money transfers from outside the EU: My Email at Paypal is
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  • I am transferring the donated money collectively, on a regular basis, to avoid high individual banking fees.
  • This is a private donation. I will guarantee that funds reach the photostudio 100 %.

Fabrik Photostudio in Lwiw ist jetzt eine Notunterkunft
Fabrik Fotostudio in Lwiw
Familien, die auf der Flucht tagelang nicht geschlafen haben, können hier 48 Stunden bleiben, bis sie weiterreisen.

A Letter from the Photostudio

Good Day,

We are representatives of the shelter for women and children in Lviv.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

On February 24, 2022, at 5:20 a.m., civilians of Ukraine woke up from missile strikes and alarms.

Until February 24, 2022, Fabrik Studio was a photo studio in Lviv. Two days, after the war began, we worked together to organize a shelter for women and children. For those who are forced to leave their home and, for their own safety, move west. For those who spent a few days in bomb shelters. For those whose house was destroyed by the Russian occupiers. These women and children cover miles in trains, cars and buses. Exhausted, they arrive in Lviv without sleeping for several days.

Fabrik Studio is now a place where women and children feel safe for the first time in a long time.

In our studio there are 25 double beds, there is a dining room, a shower and a bathroom, and an equipped children’s room. In the first days, Lviv volunteers delivered the necessary products, medicines, hygiene products, clothes and bedding, blankets and pillows. However, we need funding to keep the shelter afloat. We need money for  rent, heating, electricity, water and food for refugees. In addition, the studio spends money on drinking water, laundry and towels.

We ask you to financially support our shelter. You can watch a video about us in the attached file. We also publish all information on social media pages:

Funds for the needs of shelter can be transferred to both hryvnia and foreign currency accounts. We are ready to provide any additional information you need to make the right decision. Also report on funds spent.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, representatives of the shelter for women and children in Lviv

Bilder als Dank für die ersten Spenden

Aus der Email vom 20.3.

„Dear Katharina. When we receive you letters we want to cry happy tears. For us this money means the huge deal for the refugees. We don’t know how to thank you for the support and the money you raised for our shelter. Thank you again. Best wishes, from all the team from Fabrik shelter 💙💛 „

Ich bedanke mich sehr herzlich bei den bisherigen Spender:innen – bitte lassen sie uns weiter für diesen Zufluchtsort sorgen.

Update April 11th : Photoshelter Lviv merged with Shelter Liviv – a refuge for women and children.

I received this note from Lviv:

Dear Katharina.

Today I had a chat with the volunteers in Fabrik Shelter.

We united forces with the shelter I’ve send you link earlier. / They are also private shelter located in Lviv. Their capacity is around 250 people. This shelter is for women and children also. A lot of stuff and supplies from our shelter we transferred to Shelter Lviv. This week we’ll visit the shelter and make list of their needs. We have our volunteer Alex, that is helping people and he will be our main contact. I’ll ask him to make some photos and videos of a shelter during his visit.

The decision to open all locations of the studio was hard, but in these conditions necessary. We don’t stop helping people, we just regrouped. Part of the income from the studio we’ll be donated. 

The other ways of our help is helping people who don’t live in a shelters. Some of them are living in the apartments or hostels.  Mostly they are families with kids, who didn’t bring here any stuff and are in a need of basic things. They come to the studio and take things that’ll help them feel at home again. We receive a lot of such calls every day and try to help in a ways that we can.

Also, from now on we’ll be helping Ukrainian volunteers that are visiting hot spots in Ukraine and bring the supplies there. Our other volunteer Roman organised a team to make bulletproof vests for them. Yesterday the first one was produced and we’re waiting to make some tests. If it’s all ok, we’re starting the production. 

Concerning our volunteers, they had to come back to their regular life. Because we understand, that the Western part of Ukraine is the only hope for our economy not to vanish. A lot of companies moved their productions from hot spots to Lviv. So there are new jobs offers. So it’s a chance for our volunteers who lost their jobs to find new one. Almost every small or medium business in Lviv opened again after more than a month. So some of the volunteers were asked to return to workplaces.

This is a new chapter for Fabrik Shelter. We’re not giving up, we continue to help people, despite the changed location. 

So we can still send you information, photos and videos. We can share the different help we provide each and every day. Our people and our country need us. And we need them to feel sane.