Nachtansichten: Rebecca Hackemann (USA): „Haptic Habits – The darkroom exposed“

Eröffnung 30.4. 2022 – Nachtansichten Bielefeld

The exhibition Haptic Habits / The darkroom exposed consist of new work by artist professor Rebecca Hackemann. The installation will examine the space of the wet darkroom as cultural mythology and a laboratory for ideas. The darkroom is a place for haptic habits, muscle memory and for some, an altered state of mind. Through the red light, one might learn mindfulness and experience entanglements between material practices and embodied perceptions. In this exhibition both spaces will contain a variety of media, including two videos, sound art, a series of editioned “readymades” –  latent image prints  in light tight paper tubes. Lit red at night, viewers can see a video that examines the representation of the darkroom in the cinema though the window and an unresolved anamorphic drawing through the other, which in the daytime resolves to reveal itself. Other work will include a series of xray photographs.

XRay colab. with Vet Medicine, Kansas State University


Rebecca Hackemann is a British/American Artist, Mother and Professor, born in Karlsruhe, Germany who now lives near Kansas City. She is Associate Professor of Photography at Kansas State University. Hackemann was born and grew up in Germany in Lindau am Bodensee and has lived in London, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia.

Her work consists of conceptual public art, socially engaged practice, stereo 3-D photography and alternative process photography. She is also a writer. Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at Klompching Gallery in New York (2022) and Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig (2021). She was a Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program fellow in New York, has received grants from NYC DOT and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in New York. Her work is represented in the collection of Light Work Syracuse, the MOMA artist book collection, Yaddo and many more. She has participated in prestigious international artist residencies such as Light Work, the Banff Center, Headlands Center for the Arts and Foundation Valparaiso and Yaddo.

Programm Bielefelder Nachtansichten

Prof Hackemann wird im Rahmen der internationalen Woche der FH Bielefeld am FB Gestaltung einen Workshop (live) und einen Vortrag (über Zoom) anbieten. Anmeldungen für den Vortrag sind per Email: möglich.