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Our Lovely Calendar 2021 for 18 – Euro plus Shipping (we ship international)

Poster Edition

Support our current exhibition at Kulturkiosk Stuttgart with this Poster Edition. Each 75 Euros. Edition of 9, A1. See more at

from the book „Surface Tension“ Kruse Verlag, Hamburg 2000

Special Print Edition

In Support of the local Charity for Girls who have experienced violence „Mädchenhaus e.V.“ and Kunstraum Elsa in Bielefeld, I have issued a never-before printed image from the „MotherSeries.

Edition of 20, Signed and numbered, 60 x 43 cm. Inkjet Print from my Studio. Order by mail from Katharina Bosse:

Cost: 680,- Euro plus Shipping. Int. Shipping available. 30 % of proceeds will go to Charity, and the rest will help support Kunstraum Elsa.

„Sunshine“, 2006, 60 x 43 cm, Ed. 60, Inkjet Print on Ilford Gold Fibre.
Copyright Katharina Bosse. Please do not share this specific image to Social Media.

If you are near Stuttgart: Please check out our exhibition at Kulturkiosk (Now Konsumkiosk…you know, priorities…) and you can get your print there directly.