Erica Shires


Erica Shires is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, video, and 3D space. She has combined the archaic process of wet-plate collodion photography with augmented reality and her most recent video works combine analog with digital to explore the elasticity of reality in virtual worlds. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


From the series of Collodion Wet Plates
“The images are portraits, but I’m never interested in portraying anything in a literal sense. I am looking for some deeper resonance, that liminal space that touches on our vulnerability and mortality. This wet-plate series examines our fragile place in the world and the way sorrow changes us.” – Erica Shires

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Der analoge Moment

Die analoge Fotografie hat eine Kehrtwende hingelegt : Von der aussterbenden Art ist sie, in mancher Hinsicht mit der Vinylplatte vergleichbar, zurückgekehrt.