Artists from the „Obsolete and Discontinued“ Project

Obsolete & Discontinued: Work by Guy Patterson

Obsolete and Discontinued explores the diversity of analogue photography through a collection of discarded photographic materials. Over 50 photographers and artists were invited to make creative work using a supply of outdated photographic paper and film. All the work has been produced using a wide variety of traditional photographic and alternative techniques.

The participants in Obsolete & Discontinued are:
Joakim Ahnfelt, Andrew Atkinson, Laurie Baggett, Myka Baum, Molly Behagg, Daniel Berrange, Andy Billington, David Bruce, Jacquelene Butler, Andrew Chisholm, Mike Crawford, Beth Dow, Angela Easterling, Laura Ellenberger, Joachim Falck-Hansen, Andrew Firth, Brittonie Fletcher, Hannah Fletcher, Asya Gefter, Claus Dieter Geissler, Robin Gillanders, Brian Griffin, JJ Hastings, Rosie Holtom, Tobias D Kern, Melanie King, Morten Kolve, Andrej Lamut, Ky Lewis, James Lister, Constanza Isaza Martinez, Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Hiro Matsuoka, Gabriela Mazowiecka, Sheila McKinney, Wolfgang Moersch, Peter Moseley, Helen Nias, Douglas Nicolson, Yaz Norris, Andres Pantoja, Guy Patterson, Borut Peterlin, Almudena Romero, Tina Rowe, Debbie Sears, Holly Shackleton, Keith Taylor, Joan Teixidor, Evan Thomas, Madaleine Trigg, Sebnem Ugural, Tanja Verlak, Anna C Wagner, Andrew Whittle, Guillame Zuili.
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Obsolete & Discontinued: Work by Guy Patterson

Work by Molly Behagg from the collective projekt "Obsolete and Discarded" organised by Mike Crawford

Obsolete and Discontinued

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